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board of directors


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Want to join our board team?

before you sign-up please note these responsibilities:

  1. take attendance seriously. we         only meet once a month.

2. successfully carry out the position for a 2-year term.

3. provide support. may it be financially or event volunteering.

4. lastly, to support and help grow our mission! your advocacy will be the foundation of our organization.

What's next?

1. we will contact you back and request to schedule a meeting + your resume.

2. meet the board + express your interest in being a part of the board of directors 

3. after we meet we will contact you back with an approval to be a part of the board of directors! (Note: No guarantees)

4. then you'll attend our next board meeting! We're looking forward to having you a part of the team!

download the board of directors application here:

questions? fill out this form below

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