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This is Jessica!

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Meet Jessica, a thriver. She was a resident of Butterflies 15 and a survivor of human trafficking.

Survivor to thriver

I have struggled with acceptance my whole life. I was born with both parents addicted to drugs. My grandmother was my rock. I depended on her for every extra need that I had. I lived with her on and off until I was in a severe car accident that changed my life and I moved in with my grandmother permanently. My mom always chose her drugs and men before her children. My grandmother didn’t know how to handle it, so she tore my mom down. It hurt all of us.

I was awarded a large settlement from my car accident when I was 18. My grandmother decided to give me the full amount.

I had my son at 19. I went on a spending spree for my son, his father, and myself. A house, cars, trips, clothes. Sadly, enough I ran through all my money in two years. I was not prepared or able to handle that amount of money as I look back at it. I then had a baby with another man and got married. Within 3 months my husband filed for divorce.

I got married. I had another baby. Unfortunately, my husband cheated on me in my own home. He hurt me, and life was crashing in on me. I was filled with shame and pain. On top of everything my husband divorced me and took me for the little that I had purchased with my money. More importantly my kids. This was life shattering.

My addiction then grew. I was depressed. I used a variety of drugs to numb the pain. I did get one of my sons back and moved in with my mother again.

I overdosed and was charged with a felony. My mother kicked me out and I moved in with my Aunt. My addiction got worse. I finally got my house back from ex-husband. Little did I know he lied to me and the house was in foreclosure. He moved out of state and took my son.

I couldn’t get any lower. Then I went to prison. My grandmother took my son. For years I tried to maintain my long-distance visitation with my oldest. There was a hole in my heart. Once I was released I had a good friend helped me. I took my ex-husband back which was the beginning of my relapse. I was back a square one.

I lost my son again. I was prostituting in motel to feed my daily habit. I was attacked and left for dead. I was in a coma and in recovery for 2 months.

My mother then heard about Butterflies 15 a house for victims of human trafficking. This is when my life finally started to change. Once I was there I knew it was meant to be. I began my recovery. For real this time.

I am NINE MONTHS CLEAN & SOBER. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Butterflies 15 has helped me learn to love myself again. I am learning to dream & understanding my choices and accomplishments. They have reminded me of that same feeling of safety and stability that I felt with my grandmother.

I have been at Butterflies 15 for eight months now and I’m currently working on gaining my children’s trust by proving my stability. There was never a time that I haven’t felt trust worthy and capable of life decisions. I have been taught how to trust and believe in God as well as others within the house. Butterflies 15 has taught me how to interact in public. Butterflies 15 have supported and loved me

regardless of past actions or behaviors. As much as I have been through, the hurt I caused myself, I have finally overcome my personal issues. I now have courage, strength, and self-love.

Your support helped Butterflies 15 to change my life. I am so thankful. God bless you.


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