Future Renovations for  Our Butterflies  

Garage Help!!!

What we are working on...

We have prepared to fix our stairs. Some of our Butterflies enjoy outdoors therapy, Unfortunately, we have Butterflies that were previously addicted to drugs and battle each and every day with their own addictions, and struggle to find outlets. Each person is different when it comes to addiction, but so far being hands on with different projects has been a very positive way to keep our Butterflies flying in the right direction. We have gathered supplies and support from other residents in the area to participate in helping build new stairs. We hope to take matters into our own hands and do an exceptionally good job. Stay tuned on the outcome of our new changes to the our Safe house. 

Current images of the garage. 

Top image- Outside of Garage. Bottom image- Inside of garage and collapsed ceiling.


Front Porch Stairs.


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