Information about Human Trafficking
This information is gathered from the "Human Trafficking and Social Justice Center"
Toledo does not have more human trafficking cases than other cities in Ohio and is not a hub for human trafficking. Toledo and Northwest Ohio communities have received human trafficking
prevention education for many years now, and the Human Trafficking Coalition continues to
provide education, so now we are high on the list for reporting what to see and getting help for survivors. They know the indicators and risk factors for human trafficking and are better at reporting. Traffickers are very active on line and we have seen more familial trafficking in our region, most likely because of COVID and everyone having to be on line more. If you would like to contact the Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition you may reach them at

Ohio and Domestic Violence
The most recent information from the Ohio Domestic Violence Network on our states from 2019-2022.
Go to their website at  for more information.